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The idea for the 365 Day Project - a celebration of the postpartum body came about as I was sitting at home thinking about the weight I'd put on during my second pregnancy so far and how much my body was changing and how critical I was of myself, I thought why on am I so harsh on myself? Look at what I'm doing, I'm literally growing a human. The idea came to instead of hide away in layers of clothing to show of what I look like now after having a child four years ago and now carrying another one. I put the idea to people of Geelong and it is now growing into what it is today.


The idea is to make a flipbook, a book just bigger than a post card with 365 Pages of photos of women, in their underwear showing off their body, being proud of what they look like, of shedding the inhibitions and celebrating what you created! I want this project to inspire women, to empower them, heal them, enable them and give them permission to love their body after having a baby, embracing every mark, scar, stretch mark, flabby bits, saggy bit and learn to love to themselves.


The best way we can teach our children to be confident in themselves is to demonstrate it, to wear our marks proud and be confident and comfortable with our bodies.


I have a list of women from Geelong who want to take part in this book, the response has been so enormous I am very sure this project will only be the beginning.


The 365 Day Project is not for profit organsiation, all profits from this book will be donated to a Peri natal Mental Health service because there needs to also be more awareness for women's mental health during pregnancy and afterwards, more recognition of the struggles women can experience with the huge change that is motherhood.


I look so forward to embarking on this journey with women and changing the way we view ourselves. I'm excited to share this with you all.


Love Always,

Maddie xx


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